/Sail away to The Bahamas Annual Family Island Regatta

Sail away to The Bahamas Annual Family Island Regatta

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What began in April 1954 as a friendly competition between local Bahamian skippers and their working sailing crafts has become an annual tradition, attracting sailors from every major island in the Bahamas. Today’s boats may be faster, but to join the race the rules have remained the same. A vessel must be Bahamian designed, built, owned and sailed. This helps preserve the islands rich boat-building history and pass those lessons onto the next generation of Bahamian builders and sailors.

Over 60 sloops in different classes will gather at Elizabeth Harbour in George Town from April 24th to the 28th, for the 65th Annual National Family Island Regatta. And while the skippers and their mates compete in the crystal blue waters, those on land can enjoy fashion shows, beauty pageants, games, art exhibits and concerts.

So grab a cold Kalik, an order of conk fritters and enjoy the visual splendor of Bahamian native sloops cutting through the waves as the wind fills their sails. This is one regatta where everyone who attends is a winner.